Date: 1/4/19 6:45 am
From: Sally Nelson <snelson4242...>
Subject: [obol] Barred Owls--Creswell

1/3/19, just after dark, I heard classic "Who cooks..." calls from deeper
voiced bird, presumably male, with occasional high-pitched, rising "whoops"
from a different bird. Then the higher-pitched Who cooks calls began,
overlapping with the deeper ones.

The birds were very close to the house, though unseen in the dark. The only
other time I have heard the species here to be sure of was 9/26/17, though
some of the odd barks and other inexplicable noises I had heard during
daylight were probably the owls too.

This is nothing chaseable, but wanted to share FYI anyway.

Regards, Sally Nelson
~2 miles west of Creswell, Lane County

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