Date: 1/4/19 6:31 am
From: David Sarkozi <david...>
Subject: [texbirds] Mechanics of TEXBIRDS
This seems a good time to talk about how TEXBIRDS works "under the hood"

When you subscribe to TEXBIRDS all subscriptions are on moderation by
default. This is to prevent spam and to prevent those who I have
permanently moderated from joining the list and posting messages until I
can take action.

Usually when I see your first post that conforms to the rules I take you
off moderation. The two things I'm looking for in your post are 1) Is it
about Texas birds or birding 2) did you finish your post with your name and
location? By location I mean your "home base" not where you are right now.
If you live in a location, even part time use it. If you are from say
Houston but birding in the RGV you don't have to sign with "McAllen", you
would use Houston. In the very original version of TEXBIRDS started by Ted
Eubanks it was hosted by Audubon and Ted had everyone sign with the Audubon
chapter they where affiliated with. When Audubon dropped the list and I
moved it to another server I modified the rule because I wanted to know who
was posting. If you pay attention to the email addresses you'll see a fair
number of posters using a different name than their return address. Some
are couples sharing an address, some are people using two different names.

I do allow you to post to the list without being subscribed. Those posts
are always moderated.

A post can be approved for 48 hours after its posted. While I do my best to
check them a couple of times a day, sometimes I get busy and don't get a
chance to, especially when traveling. Then the post expires and I can't
approve it. Unfortunately several of the most prolific posters to the list
choose to not subscribe and read postings "a la carte" from one of the
several archives. The best solution for people like that is to subscribe
and set your subscription to vacation mode. You won't get all the email but
you can be off moderation and post without moderation. An intermediate way
to do it is to set your subscription to digest and get one email a day. You
can read or delete it and still read from an archive if you want.

If your post expires and you are a subscriber, most often I go ahead and
take your subscription off moderation anyway. most of the time I send a
note letting you know. If you are a non subscriber and your posts expires,
eh, I spend no time worrying about it since you didn't bother to subscribe.

Lately I've been approving posts without a proper signature just to
generate traffic but I don't take them off moderation, this may be a
mistake because I'm approving more and more and my emails explaining why I
haven't taken you off moderation seem to be ignored. A simple signature
setting on most emails would solve this problem for most people. Did you
know you can change "sent from my iPhone" to something like "David Sarkozi,
Houston, TX"?

I used to require plain text email because of problems with virus payloads
being embedded in formatted email. Speaking with the admins at Freelists
they don't feel like that's a problem anymore and I do allow formatted
email now. It does cause more bounced email because formatting isn't always
the same and several servers reject mail they think is improperly

If you bounce 10 messages in two weeks or 5 messages in a row you will be
dropped automatically. Because volume has been low not many have been
dropped lately, but the last 48 hours have weeded out a lot of old accounts
that are bouncing.

If you need to subscribe you can at
You can also access the archives there. These archives are the fastest
since they are on the host server and the best way to see if your email is
being distributed.

Since 2014 I can no longer subscribe you manually. I can go to the website
and enter your email but you still have to respond to the confirmation
email to be subscribed.

While the volume of TEXBIRDS is down, there are still 1809 subscribers to
the list and it is still is an excellent platform to reach a lot of people.
To those who bemoan the low volume, I say "Post Something!" I have had at
least a half dozen very active birders mention how they wish more was
posted, but none of those birders have posted in the last 6 months!

I'm happy to answer any questions, if its about your subscription
personally, maybe best off the list, but if its a general question feel
free to reply to the list, others likely have the same question.

David Sarkozi
Houston, TX
(713) 412-4409 twitter ID dsarkozi

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