Date: 1/3/19 11:33 pm
From: Frank Kolwicz <fhkolwicz1...>
Subject: [obol] Bit of a scare, just now
A large animal, presumably a bird, struck my first floor LR window just
a minute ago. My pulse is still a bit up from the sound of it. I went
out with a flash light and found nothing. Maybe a dust mark on the
window will provide some information in the morning.

I've heard EC Doves hitting the window in daytime, presumably when a
hawk was working my feeders and this sounded like that, but I can't
imagine what would fly into my well-lit bay window, below a small tree,
at this hour, it can't look like an inviting place to roost or an escape

OK, an owl is probably around, but would a dove-sized bird go for the
room light to escape?

Any and all ideas and experiences appreciated and I'll follow up if I
find out anything else,

in Monmouth
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