Date: 1/3/19 6:31 pm
From: James Phillips <jimandjudyphillips...>
Subject: Roadside Raptors
Judy and I decided to go to the Cheese-n-More store in Gap Mills, Monroe
County today and get lunch and enjoy it in view of Peters Mt. It didn't
take long to see it was going to be a great day for raptors along the
Here's what we found along the way-
Adult bald eagle at Bellepoint.
Along Rt.. 122 from Forest Hill to Rock Camp - 8 bald eagles(2 adults, 1
sub-adult, 1 2nd year bird and 4 1st year birds), 2 red-tailed hawks and 1
Amer. kestrel.
Rt. 3 east of Union to Gap Mills - 5 Amer. kestrels, 3 red-tailed hawks and
1 northern harrier.
Moncove Lake S.P. - 1 red-tailed hawk.
Hillsdale Rd. from Rt. 3 to Rt. 219 -
4 Amer. kestrels, 2 red-tailed hawks and 1 Cooper's hawk.
Rt. 219 at Pickaway-
1 red-tailed hawk, 1 Amer. kestrel and 1 adult bald eagle.
Neff Orchard Rd.-
3 Amer. kestrels, 2 red-tailed hawk and 1 Rodney Davis.
Rt. 3 at Wolf Creek-
1 Amer. kestrel.
Alderson -
2 adult bald eagles at the nest.
Backroad from Pence Springs to Talcott-
1 Amer. Kestrel and 1 northern harrier.
bald eagle- 12
Amer. kestrel - 16
red-tailed hawk - 11
Cooper's hawk - 1
northern harrier - 2

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