Date: 1/3/19 7:17 am
From: Jeff Tufts <jctufts33...>
Subject: [RV Birds] Updated Jackson County list
With the addition of the American Redstart first found at Ashland Pond on
Jan. 1, the New Year's Day Jackson County list was up to 108, and with
eight more species added yesterday, the tally is now up to 116. That's not
much less than 50% of the total that is expected for the entire year!! And
that's with no gulls, no swallows and only one grebe.

Frank Lospalluto came up with five of the eight new birds from yesterday
(Northern Pygmy-Owl, Hairy Woodpecker, Mountain Chickadee, Red Crossbill
and Merlin). Max McClarnon spotted several Cackling Geese along Pioneer
Road. Rene Allen and Sammie Peat photographed an American Dipper at the
Oak Street dam, and eight of those delightful vagabonds, Cedar Waxwings,
were reported by Kristi Mergenthaler at the Southern Oregon Land
Conservancy offices.

The American Redstart that Jennifer Butler discovered at Ashland Pond is
the first winter record for the species in Jackson County. The 2014
edition of our county checklist notes six previous records of this colorful
warbler and all were between May and September.

American Redstarts were uncommon breeders in ne Oregon through the 1980s,
but are generally considered to be a "declining breeder" in the eastern
portion of the state.

The only documented successful nesting west of the Cascade summit was a
pair with four young found in July 1970 in deciduous forest along the Rogue
River near Shady Cove. This record was reported by Ralph Browning in his
pioneering Birds of Jackson County (1975), and it was cited from an article
(in a publication called the Murrelet) written by G. A. Bertrand, J. M.
Scott and (amazing coincidence here) J. Butler.

Attached is a pdf of what I'm pretty sure is the complete updated list
through yesterday. The Excel worksheet will be forthcoming eventually.
It's a bit more work than I anticipated. Also. if the order in which the
species are listed looks a bit weird, I seem to have accidentally produced
a list that is a hybrid of the AOU taxonomic list and the eBird list. I'll
get that straightened out (I hope).

Jeff Tufts

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