Date: 1/3/19 5:56 am
From: Suzanne Harp <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender suzharp for DMARC)
Subject: [wisb] Re: Yes! Hammond's Flycatcher January 1, 2019 [Iowa County]
If those of you who are watching it see see this bird decline more severely, to the point where it is failing to thrive and weak, it’s possible that someone could net it and take it to a rehab facility for the remainder of the winter. I wonder if the home owners could be asked to help with this determination. I have, in the past, volunteered as a wildlife caretaker for Dane County Wildlife Center. There are people, like me, willing to try to capture stressed and injured birds. But they can only be brought to rehab if they are sick or injured. Happy to share contact info.
Suzanne Harp
Suzanne Harp

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> On Jan 3, 2019, at 7:37 AM, tracy chiconas (Redacted sender "tchiconas" for DMARC) <dmarc-noreply...> wrote:
> Hwy 130 on Iowa County NN

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