Date: 1/2/19 12:11 pm
From: Steve <stevethiessen...>
Subject: [wisb] Johnson Creek gulls , revisited

I went back over to Johnson Creek, for gulls. Nothing ,by Kohl’s, nothing just north of McDonald’s, 200ish at the pond. Could see Glaucous and a dark backed gull on my first scan, so I got out and started to scope. The only thing I could figure on the adult dark gray gull, was that it was a Herring x Great B-b Gull hybrid aka Great Lakes gull. Seemed just slightly bigger than Herring, very faint gony spot, no color to the legs and a very pale iris. All together at this pond , I had 2 adult and 1 first year Glaucous, 3 adult and 1 first year (dark) Thayer’s Iceland, 1 adult Kumlien’s type (just light grey towards the end of the primaries), 1 adult Great B-b Gull ( very large and had large red gony spot) and another strange G B-b Gull. This gull had adult plumage, but had a black ring around the bill, pale legs, and from the quick look I had, a dark yellow iris (which is weird), just a few thin head streaks and was noticeably a bit bigger than the Herrings.
Just a note, while scoping, different gulls will sneak in and out, so it pays to keep looking. Sometimes you can’t find an Iceland, then 10 minutes later, they’re easy.
I put descriptions about the gulls, incase you see the same ones, if you visit.
The pond we can’t see must have had over 500 gulls and when the eagles went by the landfill, the sky was full , over there.
Steve Thiessen Stoughton Dane co.

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