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Subject: [texbirds] Re: No random Politic
Ok, everyone – I get it. We can politicize anything nowadays and make it an issue.

Your point(s) are taken, David has apologized, and now can we move forward with bird stuff?

Happy birding in 2019,

Clay Taylor
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The name I chose was simply a tongue-in-cheek reference to a useless political stunt. My quest is much the same, fun to brag about but totally self serving and useless to most folks.

Its not a reference I would likely use after the initial announcement at all.

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Considering all the hopefully sober driving without fleeing accident scenes required to reach all 254 Texas Counties in 2019, a full Beto may not be the best plan.

This contrary political view is exactly why random politician names inserted inappropriately have no place in Texbirds. Neither Beto (nor our much more flawed Mr. Trump) is related to your 2019 personal county visiting goal David. Since Beto is considering running for President all references to him are by definition political.

Most of the internet and Facebook and Twitter is endlessly political squabbling even when irrelevant. Obviously politics affects birding and should be discussed when directly related (e.g. discussions of border walls in wildlife refuges, etc. , etc., but not inserted randomly in a 2019 county listing discussion.

count me out of Texbirds effective immediately if this keeps up.

John Berner
W. Houston

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