Date: 1/2/19 6:28 am
From: Lamont Brown <lamont...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: The Full Beto
As a lister I like the campaign.

But I agree with Susan the caption appears in the off-limit section. I can recall more than one factual political event or slogan that would have made a catchy birding campaign. Had such been used in the past I am guessing reprimand or likely review status would have followed for the one posting such. So I agree that clarification is needed for what appears to be a change in this aspect of Texbirds rules/protocols.

Lamont Brown
Denton, Texas

From: David Sarkozi <david...>
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2019 14:06:19 -0600
Subject: [texbirds] The Full Beto

My personal challenge for 2019 birding will be to attempt "The Full Beto",
or to record at least 1 bird in each of Texas' 254 counties. I'm naming
this for Beto O'Rourke's feat of visiting all Texas counties for his senate
Just to keep it interesting I'll also try and set a mark for the most Texas
County Ticks in a year. The Total County Ticks is interesting because I've
no idea what the mark to aim for is. I can think of a couple of people I
suspect have actually done a Full Beto and I'd guess they may have a number
up there near 10K for annual county ticks

I did the numbers for myself for 2017 a year with 45k miles of birding in
Texas, I had records in 150 counties and 5056 county ticks during the year.
Doing the numbers I saw counties I know I was in but just didn't log a
bird. Can;t let that happen again.

I recall I read somewhere that the average county was 60 miles across, so
254 x 60 = 15,240 miles minimum to hit all counties, completely doable.

Can I reach 10,000 county ticks? that would be just over 40 species per
county average. that sounds hard, there are surely going to be a lot of
5-10 bird counties. I did have 14 counties in excess of 100 species in 2017
so maybe 10K is doable.

Anyone want to go birding in 2019?

David Sarkozi
Houston, TX
(713) 412-4409 twitter ID dsarkozi

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