Date: 1/1/19 4:11 pm
From: Wayne Kuhn <waylin98...>
Subject: [wisb] Townsend's Solitaire & Eastern Towhee
I spent a good portion of the day birding like many of you and had a few
nice sightings. I went to the Crow Road location Northeast of Green Bay and
met a fellow birder who was also looking for the Townsend's Solitaire. After
walking up and down the short road a few times without success I was about
to leave when we clearly heard the call of the Solitaire. Unfortunately it
never showed itself. I then left to try the other site where a Townsend's
Solitaire was seen on Anapaula Lane a couple of miles away. This site has a
single row of Red Cedar trees all the way down on one side. I struck out on
finding a Solitaire but I did notice a scratching noise coming from one of
the Red Cedars.

I tried to pish the bird into view and caught a glimpse of a bird running
under the cedar boughs along the line of trees. I walked down the line and
caught a glimpse of a tail at the trunk of one of the Red Cedars. The bird
began to attack the loose bark of the trunk with its feet, knocking chunks
to the ground. I then got a good look at it and low and behold it was an
Eastern Towhee! I think it was frantically looking for food.

Other notables for the day included a White-throated Sparrow under the
feeders at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and a Northern Shrike at the
east end of Lineville Road on the west side of Green Bay.

Wayne Kuhn

Green Bay

Brown County

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