Date: 1/1/19 12:57 pm
From: JAMES SPEICHER <jugornought...>
Subject: [MDBirding] 2019 FXOY
3. TV
6. BV
7. NOCA [female then male]
9. DOWO [again female then male]
10. STAR
Actually, #9 would have been either a NOMO, or a *BLJA, but a flash of
white wasn't good enough for an ID.

11. Just missing out was a NOMO...

The sequence was not interrupted either by the Cardinals, or the DOWOs
with the female appearing first then the male tying for the # shown,
before the next species was seen. The first 6 were EZPEASY. 7 & 8
came within several hours. 9 & 10 took an additional couple of hours.

Suet only has been on the menu since NOV, but BOSS will be added now
that JAN has arrived.

1. White-crowned Sparrow
2. White-throated Sparrow
3. Turkey Vulture
4. Red-tailed Hawk [seen first by eye as a "highlight" against dark of
S Mtn, then rust of tail visible with 10x bins...distance was 1/2
dozen miles at least, likely a pair]
5. Carolina Wren [heard first, then a pair seen much later]
6. Black Vulture
7. Northern Cardinal
8. Red-shouldered Hawk [heard then the same bird seen perched at a
distance of ~1/4 mile]
9. Downey Woodpecker
10. Starling [alone perched high in a neighbor's tree]

11. Northern Mockingbird

12. Happy 2019 to all...DID I MENTION C&O CANAL COUNT...

*Blue Jay

Jim Speicher
BroadRun/Burkittsville area
[FR] Frederick County MD
M.O.S. member, Washington [WA] Co Chapter

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