Date: 1/1/19 6:20 am
From: Jeff Tufts <jctufts33...>
Subject: [RV Birds] 2019 Off to a fast start
Thanks to Howard Sands and Frank Lospalluto who got the 2019 Jackson County
bird list off to a fast start early this morning.

And I do mean early.

With an unwitting assist from some celebratory neighbors, Howard recorded a
Wild Turkey that had been roused by gunfire at 12:05.

It was much quieter on the lower slopes of Mt. Ashland nine minutes later
when Frank Lospalluto heard the familiar call of a local Northern Saw-whet

So, those are the first two species for 2019. I'm going to guess that
we'll have at least 25 on the list by the end of the day.

Good birding ! Hangovers be damned.

Final numbers aren't yet official as a rarity or two need to be confirmed,
but Frank's 239 species tops the Jackson County eBird list for 2018.

Janet Kelly is second at 236 and Bob Hunter is third at 227.

Others in the top ten are Karl Schneck (214), Lucky Penny (205), Jon Cox
(202), Howard Sands (201), Kristi Merganthaler (189), Russ Namitz (185),
and Michael Guss (182).

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