Date: 12/31/18 9:23 pm
From: JAMES SPEICHER <jugornought...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Chesapeake and Ohio Canal count mile reservations needed - UPDATE
The 2019 C&O Count period is now just around the corner!

This update will be beefier than usual, re-stating most of the initial
details. Updates to follow will again be abbreviated with reference
to this message by way of a link.

Count dates for 2019: 1/26/19 thru 2/3/19

In 2018 the C&O count was resurrected after a one-year hiatus. In
2018 miles were not reserved and duplicate miles were
acceptable/expected due to the last minute count revival. Thankfully,
no duplicate miles were submitted. In truth there's no good way to
handle duplicate miles when compiling the data, so they're being
eliminated in this and in future years. The count will again extend
over NINE days incl two weekends. Unless you feel you will be out of
the state/country for that entire period, finding a day or two or even
three for birding on the C&O should be doable. Participation in other
county level mid-winter counts should not greatly conflict with
participation in the C&O count. Their organization is not connected
to this event.

EVERYONE wanting to participate will need to submit their list(s) to
eBird [] and then SHARE the resulting eBird
checklist with me. If you're not already eBird-ing, give it a try if
only to participate in this event. eBird is a handy way to build your
life list, and your observations can add to the information useful for
monitoring bird populations. I can attest to the fact that eBird is
also quite good at restricting the amount of email they send out to
members. I have a guide to checklist "sharing" that i can send to
those who find they need it. Available also is a beginners eBird
tutorial of my own creation.

First and foremost, keep in mind, you are NOT specifying a DATE you will count.

Towpath RESERVED miles [see *Q & *A below] are shown below. Coverage
is shown for birders using the eBird "travelling" protocol,
referencing the START and END mileposts [#/#] with gaps indicated by a
semicolon [;].

All miles: 3/6; 10/11; 14/18; 19/27; 29/32; 36/38; 39/77; 95/98;
99/101; 171/173; 183/canal terminus

Miles by county:
MONTCO 3/6; 10/11; 14/18; 19/27; 29/32; 36/38
FREDCO 39/58
WASHCO 58/77; 95/98; 99/101
ALLEG 171/173; 183/canal terminus

To decode the above, for the "MONTCO 29/32; 36/38" entry, a towpath
section in Montgomery County from milepost 29 to milepost 38 has been
reserved with the exception of a GAP of FOUR MILES between mileposts
32 and 36. In addition the mile [mile 39] following milepost 38 is

To reserve mile(s):
REPLY with particulars in the following manner: I will bird from
START milepost # to END milepost #.

Birding using the eBird "stationary" protocol following GBBC rules is
also acceptable with no requirement for specific reservations - ask
for particulars.

A reminder & additional information will be sent pre-count to those
who contact me to reserve miles, or as potential "stationary"

Consult the C&O Canal NHP site []
for up to date towpath conditions/closures.

Consult the C&O Canal Trusts Access and Parking
link[] to
determine towpath access in your area of interest. Note that while
the Trust will indicate incremental towpath miles, actual mileposts
are in full miles only. The info will also clue you in to the
distance & direction to the nearest milepost from parking.

*Q Why are miles reserved already?
*A In October, the "veteran" group of 2018 birders who either DID
successfully submit SHARED eBird checklists to me, or would have done,
or might have done, but for complicating factors were contacted for
preferences for 2019...

Note that as a participant in 2019, you will move up to the "veteran"
group for 2020 and have first crack at either the same miles covered
in 2019, or totally new miles, unless they can be claimed by one of
the other "veteran" birders...

I'll provide additional updates on towpath coverage to MD Birding,
becoming more frequent as 1/26/19 approaches.

This link [] should show
species info as well as remarks and effort details for the 2018 count.

Available but not attached
2018 C&O Count Compilation in PDF.
NPS Canal Milepost Lat Long in DD in PDF.

Jim Speicher


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