Date: 12/31/18 4:31 pm
From: Andy Frank <andydfrank...>
Subject: [obol] Vanport Northern Shrike
Yesterday Brodie Talbot found a Northern Shrike at Vanport Wetlands in
North Portland. It was the first for that site entered into eBird, and I'm
not aware of other sightings of one there. I went today hoping it had
stuck around, and immediately found it perched in a tree not far from the
viewpoint by the fence and interpretative sign in the off leash dog area.
It subsequently flew right, and out of sight, and then later flew by going
left and again landed out of sight, so if it stays around it may take some
patience to see.

A photo is at

Vanport had dried out this summer and when I last checked there about a
month ago there was little water and few birds, but wow has that changed.
I estimated about 2,000 ducks there, nearly all Green-winged Teal, American
Wigeon and Northern Pintail. A Eurasian Wigeon was also seen there
yesterday and today, but not by me.

Andy Frank

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