Date: 12/31/18 3:52 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Ye Gad(wall)s
We have a small pond on our place that we have observed for 45 years. It
is pretty heavily wooded, mostly surrounded by very tall Douglas Firs,
which make entry and leaving rather demanding (uncomfortable?) for larger
dabbling ducks. As you would guess it is attractive to Hooded Mergansers
and Wood Ducks that nest if I put up houses for them. It always has lots
of Mallards which are everywhere & nest there too. Last year we had a new
'yard bird' I've never seen here before or anywhere in the area, a flock of
4 or 5 Gadwalls. Now they're back with a few reinforcements for the second
I don't have much experience with Gadwalls, but this still seems rather
unusual, as I've considered them to be more of an open-environment
(open-water, marsh-like) species. Have others observed Gadwalls on
small, enclosed ponds?

bob obrien carver or

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