Date: 12/31/18 12:53 pm
From: Laubach, Victor E \(vel8n\) via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [VA-bird] [shenvalbirds] digi scoping with the iphone xs
I think the second lens is used only for taking “portrait mode” pics where you can then change the depth of field. Regular pics use the main lens. The Shrike pics I took this past week were digiscoped with my iPhone XS. It worked fine for me.
Vic Laubach

From: <shenvalbirds...> on behalf of William Leigh <leightern...> [shenvalbirds] <shenvalbirds...>
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2018 2:36 PM
To: <shenvalbirds...>; VA bird 2007
Subject: [shenvalbirds] digi scoping with the iphone xs

Does anybody know if the new iPhone XS with the dual pixel camera will work for digiscoping? I have a Swarovski 80mm scope? It appears to have two lens and I am thinking this might make it difficult to use for digiscoping.

Thanks in advance!

William Leigh

Bridgewater VA

Posted by: William Leigh <leightern...>
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