Date: 12/31/18 9:33 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: Lincoln's Sparrow in the yard
Dave et al,

Through the 25 years that we have records for The Birds of Rummel Street,
LINCOLN'S SPARROWS show three patterns.

1. They are a winter visitor, usually sporadic, associated with harsher

2. Some birds stay for an extended period. They come in and join the hordes
of juncos when it snows.

We had a bird or birds Jan - Apr 2004, Jan - Mar 2008 and 2016. Jan

3. Other birds are spring visitors. We had birds in April 1996, 2002, 2009,
and 2017

We have no records from mid-May to mid-Dec.

Paul Sullivan

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Paul et. al,

It is always fun to see a Lincoln's Sparrow in an urban yard. When I lived
in Eugene I saw Lincoln's Sparrow in the yard at every one of the 5-6 places
I lived. What I find interesting about this sighting is the seasonality. The
urban Lincoln's Sparrows that I saw were invariably during either spring and
fall migration and essentially one-day or one-hour wonders. Hopefully yours
will stick around and provide enjoyment through the remainder of the winter.

Dave Irons

Beaverton, OR


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Subject: [obol] Lincoln's Sparrow in the yard

Late this afternoon a Lincoln's Sparrow appeared in my yard, along with the
30+ juncos. I last saw one Feb 24, and before that on Jan 25 - 26.

I'm always happy to see them.

Paul Sullivan

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