Date: 12/30/18 6:28 pm
From: Philip Kline <pgeorgekline...>
Subject: [obol] Owl Call Identification
I'm looking for some help and feedback from the owlers out there. I went
owling around Scappoose Bottoms a couple of nights ago and had a couple of
interesting and puzzling observations.

First, I'm looking for some ID help on an odd alarm call. I heard it
several times in response to screech-owl playback. It sounds a bit
squeakier and with a different inflection to a saw-whet whine. It's
embedded in the ebird checklist below. The first recording is the original
file recorded on my cell phone. The call occurs after the 1s mark and
again at the 21s mark. The second file is cropped and with some background
noise filtered out.

BNA describes a "chirp" call for Western Screech-owl, which I believe is
recorded on xeno canto here:

My recording sounds quite similar, but not quite the same. Anyone else
have experience with this call or know what I heard?

Second, what are the chances of getting a male long-eared owl to hoot at
this time of year? I heard a series of 9-10 low hoots at roughly 2s
intervals in response to WESO playback in another spot. It seems unlikey,
but i'm scratching my head about what else it could have been. It was near
the edge of the poplar plantation in Scappoose Bottoms southeast of where
the road crosses the large canal. Location and further description is in
checklist below.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.


Philip Kline

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