Date: 12/30/18 4:09 pm
From: Dave Moffat <moffatfam...>
Subject: [wisb] Grant County Goldens
Ann and I drove western Iowa County and Grant County today looking for
Golden Eagles. We thought the sun and wind would help.

On Lower Wyoming Rd we saw Bald Eagles, Red-tailed and Rough-legged Hawks,
and crows.

On Busch Rd, Stanek Rd, Cty Q and Sand Branch Rd we saw Bald Eagles,
Red-tailed Hawks, a Northern Flicker, an American Kestrel, crows and what
we're pretty sure was an immature Bald Eagle giving an excellent impression
of a Golden Eagle. (Curiously, there were very few hawks and eagles in the
Sand Brach Rd valley. None by the nest near the east end of the road. We had
seen a pair near the nest 12 days ago.)

Lots of Bald Eagles along M between G and T, particularly in the valley
between Bailey and Sand Hill Rds. Rough-legged Hawks on the stretch of Cty T
between M and M.

Saw the same thing on the return trip from Boscobel. There are a lot of
immature Bald Eagles.

Heading north on Cty G we finally saw a Golden Eagle soaring over the hills
on the west side of the valley. It was all-dark, unlike the immature Balds,
had a golden head, which an immature Bald can have in the right lighting, a
short neck, and soared with a slight dihedral. It was oblivious to the Bald
Eagles in the area. We had pretty good looks through the scope. There was
also a pair of Northern Harriers in the valley.

Dave Moffat
Verona, Dane County, WI

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