Date: 12/30/18 1:34 pm
From: Jerry Tangren <kloshewoods...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Influxes
Varied thrush numbers are way up. Some are always expected, but the elevated numbers add to the pattern exhibited by rarer species.

Hypothesis: the warm blob in the northeastern Pacific Ocean contributed to elevated breeding success of birds in the taiga this summer.

Question then, where are the Nelson’s sparrows?

—Jerry Tangren

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Subject: [obol] Influxes

Hi All, Alan Contreras and maybe others have commented on this winter being a bumper year for swamp sparrows. I’d like to add that it appears to be one for Harris sparrows as well, and probably cattle egrets. In the 90s it seemed we could count on seeing them in coastal areas each November. Another candidate is/was palm warbler. There were 5-6 individuals in Benton Co alone, plus the few other ones inland, and apparently quite a number on the coast. Coastal numbers may be normal, but with reports of larger flocks numbers seem high. Any others?

While looking for the indigestable egret I noticed a few hundred mew Gulls in a large Gull flock nearby. I was just not adventurous to count them. Caleb may not have mentioned that we had 100 Mews on the Dallas CBC, which I believe is an all time high. This may be an oversight of mine, but I am not used to seeing so many Mews in winter.

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