Date: 12/30/18 1:14 pm
From: Richard V <1024by768...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Jackson Bottom Wetlands Update SAY'S PHOEBE NORTHERN SHRIKE +
Hi all,

The Say's Phoebe was present this morning at Jackson Bottom near Pintail
Pond. Photos in checklist.

Best regards,
Dick Vreeland

On Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 4:29 PM Steve Engel <
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> Greetings OBOLers, it has been a while since we've sent an update. In case
> you've been wondering: the Tualatin River has finally risen enough to begin
> flooding much of the wetlands this week. The north side of the Kingfisher
> Marsh Loop trail is completely underwater. Where it meets the Jackson
> Bottom Wetlands Trail (main N-S trail) the intersection is underwater but
> north and south of that point the trails are open and boots will get you
> through the flooded junction, at least until the next big rain. The gate at
> the north end parking lot is currently open and the trail is accessible. A
> BLACK PHOEBE has been hanging around the north end for most of December,
> seen as recently as today. Stefan Schlick has noted LINCOLN SPARROW and
> SWAMP SPARROW in that area as well. Oak Island Marsh is full of water and
> SNOW GOOSE as well as the usual web-footed suspects. The raptor poles in
> Wapato Marsh have had RED-SHOULDERED HAWK
> lately. The viewing blind on the east side of Kingfisher Marsh was a good
> spot to view a SAY'S PHOEBE as well as a NORTHERN SHRIKE this morning.
> Pintail Pond is filling up as planned and the many log-jams put in during
> the summer are becoming islands. Hopefully they won't float around, some of
> the logs were used as giant pins to hold the others in place and prevent
> that from happening. What is that they say about the best laid plans...?
> We'll see. Same story on the east side of the Preserve where the parallel
> ditches that once comprised the experimental wetlands are gone. It is a
> flooded gentle swale now, renamed Salamander Slough, with many log-jam
> islands. Over 3000 waterfowl were hanging out there this morning, mostly
> NORTHERN PINTAIL. We have a new map this year, you can view it here:
> . There are
> 25 new classes coming up between January and May co
> vering everything from weaving your own creel basket out of English Ivy
> to Storytelling to finally getting those bird songs figured out with a
> little help from your friends. Check us out and hope to see you soon -
> BUT WAIT! What about the BALD EAGLES!? Adults, adult pairs, and immature
> bald eagles have all been observed recently. The local nesting pair used a
> nest along Dairy Creek the last 2 years and it may be them we see spending
> a lot of time perched high in a Douglas fir snag a 1/4 mile east of highway
> 219 on Tongue Lane, a good mile south of, and in direct line of sight with,
> their nest. Unless that is a different pair...We'll see.
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