Date: 12/30/18 6:34 am
From: Derek Courtney <derek.dana.courtney...>
Subject: Re: F.O.F. Marmet Locks: Mandarin Duck
Terry et al.,

There is a minor correction that needs to be made on Terry's post. Ebird
does NOT accept Mandarin Duck as wild in Florida, California, or anywhere
else. That is not one of ebird's jobs. Just because a species pops up on
range map does not mean it is wild, or countable, or anything else. A good
example would be Ring-necked Pheasant or Northern Bobwhite here in WV.
Those birds show up in ebird in lots of places in the state, but that does
not mean they are considered wild everywhere. Outside of a very select few
places, they are escapees.

The reason that these birds show up on ebird in some places and not others
is that it is important to keep track of exotic populations in areas where
they might compete with native species or impact habitat. And ebird is a
good tool for that.

As for countability, the old saying goes, it is your list, do what you
want. And that's very true. As far as the ABA, AOS, and every state is
concerned Mandarin Duck is not countable anywhere in the US or Canada.

Good birding,

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