Date: 12/29/18 9:45 pm
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] Tangent Bald Eagle roost--late report
Hi everyone, Bev Clark and I took advantage of a nice late afternoon weather-break to check out the roost on Thursday, December 27. We arrived close to 4:30 pm (sunset at 4:40—daylight is getting longer minute by minute, yay!). There were 13 present at that time. We left close to 5 pm, by which time there were 31, so smaller numbers than I had on December 13. We didn’t differentiate adults from sub-adults. We were skunked on Short-eared Owls, sadly.

Before we visited the roost, we drove through the flatlands of the mid-valley east of Peoria Road, first to check out the swan numbers on American Road, of which there were many many many, mostly Tundras I expect but we didn’t look at every single bird, and then we meandered north on the quiet back roads to the roost observation spot, finding a dozen or so each Red-tailed Hawks and American Kestrels, two Northern Harriers, and a single gorgeous Rough-legged Hawk.

There was another beautiful winter sunset to enjoy as we counted eagles.

Happy birding!


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