Date: 12/29/18 9:01 pm
From: Richard Gregg <greggra...>
Subject: F.O.F. Marmet Locks: Mandarin Duck
First Of Forever sighting (;>)
Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:50 PM, Marmet Locks.
Mandarin Duck (1M/1F)
See photos on checklist. <>

I had a hybrid Wood/Mandarin Duck some time ago about 3-miles from this sighting. Maybe there's something going on we don't understand? Two weird sighting fairly close together? <>

Also, look at this female with a bunch of ducklings at the Marmet Locks. I labeled as a Wood Duck but doesn't it look strange for a Wood Duck? I just "assumed" it was a normal aberration but could it have been a Wood/Mandarin hybrid? <>

As always, comments appreciated!

Rick Gregg
Kanawha Co., WV
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