Date: 12/29/18 1:35 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] The Dallas CBC, history maybe
On Bill Tice comment and others last day or two: In the 1970s and 80s
gates and access were in constant flux or so it seemed. The best coast
range part of the Dallas CBC is controlled by the city of Dallas, sometimes
we could go there and sometimes not, I think that was called sector 7 and I
think you can get up there now if you arrange for it with the City of
Dallas. I'm sure you know how to get up there nowadays

We had permission in the 1970s into 80s to visit the girl scout camp where
there were always Mountain Quail and Gray Jays and likely Ruffed Grouse.
Later as people got more paranoid about everything, the girl scout camp
people did not want any middle aged birders looking around their camp with
binoculars around Christmastime anymore. I could understand that. I don't
know how it stands today

The west part of the Dallas circle is not far from Valsetz where it rains
180" of rain per year. That is an inch of water or more per day in
winter. Many roads into the coast range are often blocked from the weather
with washouts and/or snow, so sometimes you could bird the coast range
portions and others not. I can hardly imagine the number for Ruffed Grouse
I think I saw for yesterdays Dallas count, 23. Is that right?

Today I went to look for the (3rd?) Dallas CBC Mockingbird along Livermore,
and a pretty good consolation for not seeing a Mockingbird was an nice
adult NORTHERN SHRIKE in the same place where the Mocker was at

We always had a good chance for Spotted Owl in the Dallas Circle. I doubt
that is true anymore

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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