Date: 12/28/18 10:22 pm
From: Brandon Wagner <bmwboarder...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Dallas CBC-Preliminary results
I find it interesting that Ruffed Grouse have been found for roughly half
of the Dallas counts. They certainly aren't easy to find, that is one of
the few regular birds I have yet to find in Polk county, let alone the
Dallas circle. I wonder where they have been seen in the past? Does
anyone who participated in older Dallas CBC counts remember accurately
where Ruffed Grouse were seen?

I covered some ground in the mountains for the Dallas CBC, but looking at a
map, I estimate 10% of the circle never had anyone step foot in it due to
its remoteness. Perhaps that area had more coverage, or was even less
gated off in the past, which could explain the recent lack of Ruffed Grouse
and Pygmy Owls.

For this Dallas CBC, I hiked up to an area of old growth and called for
owls (no luck on Pygmy or Spotted), and as I was hiking out, a couple of
locals chatted with me and they called that patch the "Mini Valley of the
Giants". That was fun to hear, it is a beautiful patch of huge trees that
are part of the Siuslaw National Forest, just not an overly large area. I
have had Pygmy Owls there in the past, but not this year.

If anyone would like to do some hiking or even mountain biking for the
Dallas CBC next year, we are hoping to explore the area better and cover it
better for 2019.

Brandon Wagner


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