Date: 12/28/18 9:02 pm
From: <clearwater...>
Subject: [obol] Oakridge CBC quick summary
Ten volunteers on today's Oakridge CBC enjoyed uncommonly pleasant weather and reasonably good access, though forest roads above 2500 ft or so had upward of 4 inches of snow.

We wound up with 60 species which is around average for recent years, considering that we spent no effort on nocturnal owling (though two parties found Northern Pygmy-Owls).

Grouse, doves, kinglets, chickadees, nuthatches, creepers, thrushes and corvids on the other hand were well represented. "Kettles" of 20+ Common Ravens were seen by two separate parties, at widely separated locations, leaving us with the thought that our total of 85 for the circle might be reasonable.

Raptors were surprisingly scarce, even though the day started auspiciously with a Red-shouldered Hawk perched high in a tree right outside our morning meeting place at the Lion Mountain Bakery. Beyond that, we found only one accipiter, 7 Red-tailed Hawks, and 5 Bald Eagles.

Finches were also scarce -- just 13 House Finches and 3 American Goldfinches, plus count-week Lesser Goldfinches. No siskins, no crossbills, etc.

We found one Marsh Wren but Pacific Wren numbers were surprisingly low (just 4 detected, despite many hours in suitable forest habitat), and we didn't find a single Bewick's Wren (never easy on this count, but still we usually expect to find a few).

On the bright side, 13 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS turned up on High Prairie, and three teams recorded a total of 6 AMERICAN DIPPERS.

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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