Date: 12/28/18 12:44 pm
From: Steve <stevethiessen...>
Subject: [wisb] Johnson Creek gulls

When to Johnson Creek to check gulls. First stopped at the Kohl’s parking lot field, to the north. Of course it started to snow. At first, about 60 Herring Gulls and 1 Ring-billed. Then as I was going to leave, another 100+ gulls came in. Only thing not a Herring was a huge adult Glaucous Gull.
I headed over to the ponds north of the interstate. Nothing there, but the gulls were headed towards the field just north of the McDonalds. I went up there, and there were 300ish gulls. At first, I couldn’t spot anything different. Then an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull flew in. Then I spotted an immature Glaucous and what I felt was the head of a first year Great Black-backed Gull. I drove up to the north end of the field, which is higher and makes looking a bit tougher. I did put my scope out the window and watched it . I could see what looked like some black checks in the middle of the back, but the coverts seemed to have a more brownish speckles. The body didn’t seem overly large, but the white head and big black bill looked good for GB-b. I missed it when all the gulls flew, so I went back down the road. I started scanning again and an adult Thayer’s type landed by a closer puddle, then it was joined by a second winter Thayer’s. After they flew up the hill (I could sti
ll see them), I spotted 2 more adults.
Steve Thiessen Stoughton Dane co.
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