Date: 12/28/18 12:19 pm
From: Isaac Denzer <bartailedgodwit...>
Subject: [obol] Re: CBC sharing, protocol? no bird mentioned.
I was one of a initial observers of the Northern Mockingbird and Common
Yellowthroat in Polk County yesterday. I was also the person to submit
both checklists forwarded by Joel.

When I find a bird, such as a Northern Mockingbird, that local birders
may want to look for I generally post to OBOL soon after finding it.
However, yesterday I was involved in a CBC and wanted to keep birding,
so I did not take the time to post. When I submitted the eBird
checklists in question I expected others to see the information I had
provided. I also did not expect anyone to keep the information secret,
simply so I could have the pleasure of saying "I saw x, y, and z" after
the countdown. After all, I am posting my lists to a public database,
which means other people will see them. Therefore, I take no offense at
Joel posting my checklists to the valley birding listserve.

Good birding,

Isaac Denzer

On 12/28/2018 11:45 AM, David Irons wrote:
> We live and bird in a real time world where many birders expect that unusual birds get posted immediately and get upset when they aren’t. Here we are with an instance when timely posting has created an issue.
> I can only presume that Joel shared the eBird alert to the Mid-Valley listserv in a good faith effort to ‘get the word out.’ Should he
> be expected to consider all possible emotional responses before sharing information that is already out there in a public forum. These checklist were by the way submitted to eBird by those who apparently wanted to have a CBC countdown surprise?
> Those who were entering checklists in real time are certainly tech savvy enough to understand that once submitted their checklists are in the public domain. Further, was Joel even aware that this checklist was from a CBC and not just a typical day in the field?
> I think those making a good faith effort to share accurate information should always get the benefit of the doubt. If you wish to maintain a vail of secrecy over a sighting, that responsibility is yours. The rest of the community shouldn’t bear the burden of trying to figure out how you
> might react if your already public checklist is re-shared.
> Dave Irons
> Beaverton, OR
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