Date: 12/28/18 11:03 am
From: Jeffrey Tufts <jctufts33...>
Subject: [RV Birds] New Year, New List
This is not really a "new" idea--it's been done before many times in many
places. But it's probably not been done in Jackson County for at least a

I'm going to maintain a species list for Jackson County for 2019. No
hybrids or subspecies or domesticated ducks.

It's not exactly a "Big Year." Just trying to start one category of
record-keeping that appears to be missing locally.

I know many of you keep your own personal year lists (often with the
assistance of eBird), but there doesn't seem to be a list (official or
otherwise) of all species seen by all observers in the county each year.

There is a feature on the eBird website that allows you to see the Top 100
in each county both in species reported and checklists submitted as well as
the total species reported, but as far as I can see there's no way to see
the complete list of species names.

There is a relatively new feature called Illustrated Checklist that enables
you to see a species list for the current year, but there's no way to see a
comparable list for past years, and scrolling through the Illustrated
Checklist is a bit time-consuming.

And, of course, not all sightings are reported to eBird.

I'll be using the Jackson County eBird checklists feature to get the 2019
list started, but I'd appreciate it if any of you who don't submit lists to
eBird would email me (<jctufts33...>) with any unusual sightings that
haven't been reported to the listserv.

The species list will be kept on an Excel worksheet, and I'll post regular
updates on this listserv with the Excel sheet as an attachment. For those
of you who can't display Excel sheets, I'll try to also attach a pdf that
includes all of the species seen at that point in time.

The Excel sheet will have a list of expected birds for Jackson County as
well as selected rarities, and each species seen will include the date of
first sighting, an approximate locality, and the name of the reporting

There should be at least a few dozen species to mark on the list on Day One
(Jan. 1), and it'll be interesting to see which is the first one reported.
I'm putting my money on Frank L to come up with a Great Horned Owl at
around ten minutes after midnight on New Year's Day. Don't let me down
Frank !!

Any questions, comments or suggestions should be sent directly to me.
Click on reply (not reply all).


Jeff Tufts

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