Date: 12/28/18 7:28 am
From: Carl Schwartz <cschwartz3...>
Subject: [wisb] Adopting the Milwaukee CE priority-block in support of the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas
Milwaukee area birders:
I am working hard this winter to raise the money we'll need this summer to hire enough techs to finish surveys for WBBA II. Most of the blocks that still need surveying are a long ways from Milwaukee and Lake Park -- and that's mostly because they lack the birders and groups we have here. So I have been pushing folks to adopt the places they love and bird so we have funds to hire people to atlas the areas where we lack those birders.

It costs us about $600 to cover the 20 hours we need to hire someone to survey a block; so that is the adoption fee. In return we dedicate a block to the sponsoring individual or group and show that in the final Atlas publication as well as listing all the donors individually in all of our final publications.

So far birders have donated the full $600 needed to adopt THIENSVILLE CE, the block that includes the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center and a lot of the North Shore area of Milwaukee County. Birders also have so far donated $425 toward the adoption of MILWAUKEE CE, the priority block that includes part of Lake Park and much of the East Side and Downtown lakefront.

That leaves just $175 to close that gap and complete the adoption. If you are among those folks whose birding adventures take you to the Milwaukee lakefront, won't you make a tax deductible donation today?

Checks would be made out to WSO (Wis Society for ornithology) with MilwaukeeCE in the note field and sent to me at:

Carl Schwartz
7239 N. Barnett Lane
Fox Point, WI 53217

I'll take care of the paperwork and forward the total to the Atlas treasurer, Christine Reel.

Carl Schwartz
Editor, The Badger Birder
Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

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