Date: 12/28/18 4:56 am
From: Dana Duxbury-Fox <danafox...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Crow Patrol Thursday December 27th
Last night was a memorable and beautiful night on Crow Patrol in Lawrence
MA. We met Cheryl Dean of Newburyport, Rinky Black and her sister from
Erving, MA and Judy Rogers of North Andover at the New Balance Parking Lot
an hour before sunset (3:17 yesterday). Richard Osborne and his wife Julia
who had previously visited with us were there exploring on their own.

As stated previously, you begin by watching where the crows are flying to
start each night. Last night they were flying to the south over the
Riverview old mill building to our right. That meant they were going to the
So. Common Park which is along Market St. - we had seen a few gathering
there on our way cross country to the parking lot.

Again who determines each night where and why they settle on a specific

After describing where you look (though your binoculars), and seeing some of
the first waves coming in from the east over the North Andover Lawrence
Airport and their moving south - NOT up the river, and seeing a few come in
from the north, we headed over to the parking garage on foot. It was a sunny
late afternoon in the mid-30's with very little wind. Some walked up as the
near elevator is broken and some went up by the elevator near the train

Once up there we were regaled by thousands in the tall trees in the common,
a few in some tall near trees. Then the spectacle began - waves from the
west and northwest peppering the sky - so attractive in the colorful sky due
to the setting sun and framed by the tall old mill chimneys and church
steeples. Some began to gather on the roof of the B & D Warehouse to the
west. Waves came from the east, the south, on large wave wove itself around
the attractive Bell tower which sits over the New Balance Building. A few
Fish Crows called and sat briefly on the light poles nearby giving just
enough time for us to describe how you tell the difference between them and
the American Crow. The din of thousands of crows cawing, a few giving that
strange rattle or burring call surrounded us. A train came by and set
thousands into the air. More gathered on the roof below. A beautiful sunset
peppered with crows graced us and as light began to fade, some began to head
to the roost. Now after sunset, we returned to the parking lot and saw them
adoring the small trees along the river along the edge of the New Balance
Factory. Black bobbles against the western sky. Bob was counting away and
got to 24,000 last night!!!

As Rinky Black emailed me, "Thanks so much for sharing the excitement of the
crow roost with my sister and I yesterday. It was amazing! Even my
non-birder sister was enjoying herself."

Please read about other nights and some of our references on our blog: <>

Also, schedule a visit to Lawrence's Essex Art Gallery at 57 Island St. to
see the upcoming crow art exhibit over weekdays 10-6 January 11-March 15.
Imagine three rooms with just crow art!

Plan to visit the New Balance Factory Store and local restaurants - they
all need a lift after this fall's tragic gas problems.

Well, stay tuned for our next entry. I will let you know when we are going
out next if you want to join us or follow our route. Let us know what you

Dana and Bob

Dana Duxbury-Fox and Bob Fox


North Andover, M

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