Date: 12/26/18 5:38 pm
From: 'James Tyler Bell' via Maryland & DC Birding <mdbirding...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Varied Thrush eBird hotspot and the rules
As with the Cape St. Claire Calliope Hummingbird, if you are submitting a checklist using the eBird hotspot, please add the rules (see below) to your checklist. Personally, I've been adding them in both the comments section for date and effort as well as with the species. If you have not added them, those checklists will be invalidated until the bird is gone or the rules change. Doubtful that the rules for the VATH or CAHU will relax so please respect the homeowner's wishes for both.

And, if you submitted a VATH checklist, the hotspot is now live and the eBird reviewers would kindly request that you merge your personal location onto the hotspot. Saves us a lot of work down the line when we try and consolidate the data. The new location name is:

stakeout Varied Thrush, Leonardtown (2018)

Tyler Bell
California, Maryland

Access guidelines:
Birders may visit between 8am and 4pm. Visitors may walk on the driveway but please stay on the asphalt, do not go onto the deck, and do not wander around the yard. Please park along the left side of the road between the first house on Philip and this house (both houses are on the left side). If that space is full, please try to avoid parking directly in front of another house.

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