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Trying again....hopefully no longer in Chinese
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As opposed to TX where I had a possible 51 year birds to look for, in AZ I had only 20.

13th---I arrived in Phoenix at mid-day and immediately headed west to the LeConte's thrasher spot at the west end of Baseline Rd. I had 3 targets here: LeConte's thrasher, crissal thrasher and sagebrush sparrow. I got the latter two but missed LeConte's. I consoled myself with the sage advice of Meatloaf who noted "Two out of three ain't bad".

14th---At Santa Cruz Flats I saw 3 prairie falcons, the most I've ever seen there but missed my other target, Mt plover. Next I tried 1 spot near Tucson and another near Green Valley for Costa's hummingbird but struck out at both spots. In Montosa Canyon, I saw black-chinned sparrow but missed my other target, black-capped gnatcatcher. Last stop of the day was Pena Blanca L where I found red-naped sapsucker

15th---Despite no recent reports I decided to try San Rafael Valley for Baird's sparrow. It was terrible. I didn't see a single sparrow, much less a Baird's sparrow. Also dipped on both longspurs. I did see white-tailed kite. On my way to Sierra Vista, I stopped at Las Cienaga's WMA. Here I added vesper sparrow and an unidentified longspur. At the San Pedro House outside Sierra Vista, I finally found some sparrows....white-crowned, lark, vesper, Lincoln's and Brewer's, which was new for the year. Also, a western screech owl was sunning itself in the large cottonwood next to the welcome center. In the San Pedro R, I found a LA waterthrush. I've been a day late and a dollar short on this species many times in AZ so it was great to finally see it. Lastly, I tried Hunter Canyon for rufous-capped warbler but dipped for the second time this year at that location.

16th--- I arrived near Whitewater Draw in the Sulfur Valley while it was still dark and drove the roads looking for barn owl but couldn't find one. I arrived at Whitewater Draw at sunrise and the 5000-10000 cranes that were there were making a deafening racket. Also present were about 100 snow geese and a few Ross's geese. I checked the nearby wooded area for barn owls but could only find a G horned owl. On some of the back roads near there, I found several lark buntings. This is the best area for this species that I know of. I stopped at an abandoned cotton gin in Elfrida again looking for barn owls but only found 2 G horned owls inside. In Tucson, I found Costa's hummer at the Desert Museum. Last stop for the day was a second visit to Santa Cruz Flats. I still couldn't find any Mt plovers but I again saw prairie falcon. Best of all was, at random, I checked an abandoned building and finally found a barn owl.

17th---I went back to Baseline Rd, the place I started at on the 13th. This time I had a pr of crissal thrashers, multiple sagebrush sparrows, and finally a pr of LeConte's thrashers. Last stop before the airport was Encanto Park in Phoenix. Here I saw multiple red-faced lovebirds. If you are ever flying thru Phoenix and have a little extra time this park is only 10 min from the airport and I've had lovebirds here both times I've visited the park.

I ended up with 81 species including 14 of the 20 I had targeted.

Greg Seegert...If I get any good birds off RI on Thursday I'll LYK.
Beaver Dam

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