Date: 12/26/18 8:59 am
From: JimC <wetstuff...>
Subject: [MDBirding] A Raptor commute

I live 12 miles West of Salisbury and was treated to: 2 Redtails, 1 Bald Eagle and 1 Northern Harrier on the drive in and back yesterday. 'Pretty sure they are always around, but with 95% of the leaves gone it much easier to see their vertical profiles in the trees along the road. I especially love the way the Harriers 'work' the pastures around us...

An unusual (not seen in many years) flyover of Snow Geese. We do not normally see them over in my area near the Nanticoke.

And... Bluebirds have been flying around the former Duck Box - now Screech Owl/Camera box. We have seen them on the camera maybe three times. I hung a proper Blue Bird box not terribly far away in a clearing. Who knows? Cheers.


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