Date: 12/25/18 8:09 pm
From: Bill and Carole Telfair <wbchtelfair...>
Subject: Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk
As we sat around the Christmas tree this morning a juvenile Red-shouldered hawk swooped into my deck chasing the juncos, sparrows and finches that were there.  Unfortunately, it swooped onto my bird feeder, which has a wire loop on top and got caught in the loop. It fluttered several times, but was obviously caught. So I donned my heavy leather gloves and went out to rescue it.  After twice having my thumb grabbed in his claws and bearly able to tug it loose, I was able to untwist the wire from around his body and set him free.  I have now retracted the wire, so it won't happen again.
See photos on the ebird checklist below.Bill Telfair, Jefferson County
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