Date: 12/25/18 1:20 pm
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Subject: [obol] Waite access update
Wrenners: I neglected to mention that we have a two-car limit at the Waite gate for those of who arrange with MRT to walk in. The gate must always be clear for TRUCKS, not Priuses.

There is NO parking at the gate for unoccupied vehicles the mornings of December 29, January 1 or January 4, until noon.

Those arriving from the east on the 29th and 4th are advised to wait at Tiernan Landing, just upriver, if you get there early (before 8:30). Those arriving from Florence can hang at the North Fork parking area. There isn’t enough space for that many cars to wait at the gate without some hanging their sterns out onto Hwy. 126, a very bad idea. Also, we need to be sure the docent's car goes in first.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Alan Contreras
Eugene, Oregon

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