Date: 12/25/18 7:40 am
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] The 2018 Tri-county Competition - December (final) Report
Greetings All:

This year the competition will feature three competitors and their
counties (Brandon Best with Hill County, Anthony Hewetson with Floyd
County, and Rich Kostecke with Lee County).

Again, we will be weighting our county totals to eBird county totals
which, at the end of 2017, stood at 225 species in Floyd County, 230
species in Hill County, and 251 species in Lee County. Species added
to the counties during 2018 will not become a part of this weighting.

A change introduced this year - to make things fairer in terms of
people's work schedules - is that we only get two visits (to last no
longer than one day) to our counties per month.

The counties are close to each other in size and varieties of habitat
available with Hill County having the advantage of most permanent
water, Lee County having the advantage of a more southerly location,
and Floyd County having the advantage of a potentially better blend of
eastern and western species.

The results at the end of November: Anthony in the lead with 221
species (98.2222%), Brandon in second (barely) with 209 species
(90.8696%), and Rich in third (barely) with 227 species (90.4382%).

December was, law of diminishing returns in full effect, slow for all of us.

Mr. Best got in first, visiting Hill County on 12/1/18, and picking up
one species (Sedge Wren) moving up to 210 species (91.3034%),
strengthening his second place position a bit.

Mr. Kostecke answered by visiting Lee County on 12/2/18, picking up
three species (Prairie Falcon, Dark-eyed Junco, and American Woodcock)
moving up to 230 species and moving into second place with 91.6335%.

Rich got out to Lee County again on 12/9/18 and picked up one species
(Purple Finch) finishing off the year with 231 species (92.0219%),
firming up his second place position.

Brandon put in his final visit to Hill County on 12/15/18 picking up
one species (Pine Warbler) finishing off the year with 211 species

Mr. Hewetson boogied about Floyd County on 12/22/18, happy to -
finally - be feeling well enough (after a dismal November) to
participate and picked up two species (Ring-billed Gull and Common
Goldeneye) moving up to 223 species and 98.2222%.

After a day off to recover, Anthony paid his last visit to Floyd
County on 12/24/18 and picked up absolutely nothing new at all,
finishing off the year with 223 species (98.2222%).

In sum; AH in first with 223 species (98.2222%), RK in second with 231
species (92.0219%), and BB in third with 211 species (91.7391%).

A second post will be going out - shortly - putting our efforts into
some eBird context and explaining the value (aside from good-natured
competition) of our efforts.

Who knows what we will get up to 2019:)

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson; Lubbock
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