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Subject: Re: IBET No sighting - taxonomy question
Dear Mr. Welby,

I believe that was the Latin name for the American Robin back in the late 1880s. Take a look at "The History of North American Bird names in the American Ornithologists' Union Checklists, 1886-2000" at

Go to the Latin Index of Genera and scroll down to Merula.

This is a very useful resource for old bird names. I hope this helps.

Alex Bloss


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Subject: IBET No sighting - taxonomy question

I am trying to organize notes for ebird from Dr. Wallace Craig (1876-1954). His observations from Hyde Park circa 1899 included mention of “Merula” species battling an Eastern Kingbird. Does anyone know what merula might have been in 1899? I am guessing it underwent taxonomic changes since then. Today, the only merula I can find is Turdus merula, the Eurasian Blackbird. Any help appreciated.

Allan Welby

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