Date: 12/24/18 9:13 pm
From: Stefan Schlick <greenfant...>
Subject: [obol] Forest Grove CBC results
From all the data I have up to this point, we counted 109 species which is a little above average. Steve Engel found a Say's Phoebe at Jackson Bottom 2 days before the count and the bird was easily relocated on count day. This is for sure the count's rarest bird, even though we also had a Say's Phoebe last year. Other "good" birds include Red-necked Grebe, Clark's Grebe, Green Heron, Northern Shrike, Black Phoebe, Red-shouldered and Rough-legged Hawk and Swamp Sparrow.

I sometimes get blank stares when it comes to understanding the rarity of some of the birds at this time of the year. Statistically, a Cedar Waxwing is rarer than a Swamp Sparrow for this count. And we missed Cedar Waxwing.

In the below listing, the number in parentheses means how many out of 30 counts the species was seen, nor the count. I'm listing all species that were observed on <= of all counts.

Snow Goose (8)
Canada Goose (all time min)
Cinnamon Teal (15)
Ring-necked Duck (just above min, probably due to water level still being pretty low)
Ring-necked Pheasant (Jack saved our bacon with 1 bird)
Red-necked Grebe (6), tied max with 2 birds
Clark's Grebe (4)
Green Heron (6)
Cooper's Hawk (tied max)
Red-shouldered Hawk (12)
Rough-legged Hawk (14)
Virginia Rail (all time max)
Sora (8)
Spotted Sandpiper (13)
Western Gull (15)
Black Phoebe (6)
Say's Phoebe (2)
American Crow (just above min)
Chestnut-backed Chickadee (just above min)
almost missed Bushtit (only seen in one sector; thanks, Ryan!)
Purple Finch (near max)
House Sparrow (all time min)

At least 3 species will be count week (cw): American Bittern, Dunlin, Hermit Thrush. But then there are more chances yet ...

Biggest misses were probably American Pipit, Savannah Sparrow and Brown-headed Cowbird.

Of course, the countdown is exciting, but for me, the most interesting thing always is how the current year's count data stacks up against history.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who contributed! Once again it shows that the little things make the difference.

Stefan Schlick
Hillsboro, OR

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