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Dear Steve,

Thanks for the info. I checked my e-mail records and found the message below that I posted to OBOL. The bird was along hanging out on a fence line on the south side of Rockie Dr. just east of Beavercreek Rd. This is about 1 mile south of Clarkes and about 1 ½ miles NE of Colton.


Tim Janzen

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Dear All,

Paul Sullivan and I, as well as a number of others, spent several hours this morning at the previously described site along Beavercreek Rd. looking for the Great Gray Owl. We didn't see the bird.

The Great Gray Owl recently seen at Beavercreek Rd. and Rockie Dr. is only the second Clackamas County record of this species that I am aware of. The first county record was one shot in late 1897 or early 1897 by Guy Stryker in Milwaukie where it was "annoying" chickens (Oregon Naturalist, 1897, 4:19). If any of you are aware of any other Clackamas County records of this species I would be interested in hearing about them.


Tim Janzen


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We have a record for Jan of 2007, Beaver Creek, Oregon.

Steve Jaggers

Linda Neumann

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