Date: 12/24/18 12:47 pm
From: John Whittle <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender johnawhittle for DMARC)
Subject: [texbirds] Sea Rim SP Christmas Count CANCELLED
With great regret, I have decided that the best course ofaction is to cancel the Sea Rim State Park Christmas Bird Count this year, scheduledfor December 27.   With the Government shut down, we do not have access andtransportation assistance for Texas Point or McFaddin NWRs, meaning very littleopportunity to cover any of the interior marshes and ponds. The weatherforecast for the Sabine Pass/Sea Rim area is for heavy rain from Wednesdayevening through Thursday morning, totaling about 1.8 inches, with winds of 20mph gusting to 30 mph during the night. Even if the exact timing of the forecastweather holds up and the rain tapers off after mid-morning, the after effectsof that much rain will be significant. The land areas will be very wet withwater standing in many places, likely further restricting access. The beach may wellnot be safely driven. In any case, an important time period for bird activityis the first few hours after dawn, and it currently seems that time period willnot be birdable. John A. Whittle Nederland, TexasCompiler, Sea Rim State Park CBC  
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