Date: 12/24/18 12:09 pm
From: Todd Anderson <tcanders123...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET: Mundelein Fox (Not Sparrows)
Not bird related, hope no one minds. Just had a male Red Fox in our yard.
It suddenly went into a low crouch, then took off after a squirrel that
made the mistake of trying to go up and over the back fence vs, under it.
Fox 1 - Squirrel 0.

After running off under some bushes to eat he came back, sat on our
neighbors fence for a while, then hopped over & disappeared into the

I went out to see if there was anything left to clean up, and came face to
face with another smaller fox. Assume she was wondering where her date was
with lunch.

Also had a beautiful adult Sharp-shinned Hawk prancing around our patio for
about 1/2 hour, trying to snag the House Sparrows hiding in our hedge. Fun
(for us, not the sparrows I'm sure) watching him (?) stalking back & forth,
hopping up & down the stairs, walking through the hedges playing hide &

While filling our peanut feeder, I heard a Red-Breasted Nuthatch 'meeping'
from the maple the feeder normally hangs in. I held the feeder up, & the
Nuthatch flew right over, landed, and proceeded to unhurriedly eat from the
feeder as I was holding it.

What more could you ask for for Christmas??

Todd Anderson
Mundelein, Lake County

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