Date: 12/24/18 9:10 am
From: Roger Freeman <freemanbecard...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Great Gray Owl breeding territory nearest Portland--Clackamas County
There have been 8 years where a Great Gray Owl has been reported on the
Silverton CBC: 1996-98, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, and one in 2013 that Bob
Archer spotted. Likely most other years, GGO has just been missed, as we do
with most other owl species present (11 owl species have been sighted in
count history). The Silverton CBC circle contains relatively inaccessible
areas (canyons, mixed timber and clear cuts, private forest land) in both
eastern Marion and Clackamas Counties, and as Bob mentions, there are "lots
of great hiding areas". In Harry's blog, he posted a photo I sent him of a
GGO individual I received from a friend earlier this year, seen in the area
near Mollala.

Roger Freeman
Silverton OR

On Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 7:14 AM Bob Archer <rabican1...> wrote:

> I had a Great Gray Owl on a CBC at Silver Falls St Pk a few years ago.
> Same area as the one found previously. Lots of great hiding areas in that
> area.
> Bob Archer
> On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 10:47 PM Tim Janzen <tjanzen...> wrote:
>> Dear Harry,
>> Thanks for posting this information. Great Gray Owls have been a code 5
>> bird in Clackamas County previously. I have been aware of only one
>> previous Clackamas County record. A bird was seen by a number of observers
>> in the mid to late 1990s somewhere near Colton. I searched for the bird at
>> the time, but didn’t see it. I don’t seem to have more precise details
>> about that sighting in my records, but it was a winter record as I recall.
>> If someone on OBOL recalls more details about that sighting, I would be
>> interested in having that information for my records for Clackamas County.
>> Sincerely,
>> Tim Janzen
>> Portland
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>> *Subject:* [obol] Great Gray Owl breeding territory nearest
>> Portland--Clackamas County
>> There is now evidence that Great Gray Owls (hereafter “GGO”] are resident
>> breeders in southeastern Clackamas County. That’s less than 35 miles from
>> Powell’s Book Store in central Portland. The owls breeding there are at
>> the northwestern edge of the GGO breeding range in Oregon as far as we now
>> know. When Peter Thiemann and I published our book, *Great Gray Owls of
>> California, Oregon and Washington [2015]*, we used the best available
>> information to get our breeding range maps drawn. GGOs had been seen
>> occasionally at Silver Falls State Park in Marion County and it formed an
>> isolated island of likely breeding habitat on the Oregon range map. The
>> last CBC record there was in 2013. Now we know that GGOs are currently
>> living and breeding in the low foothills north of Silverton and Silver
>> Falls SP. They are in an area east of Scotts Mills inside Clackamas
>> County. There are four unspecific sightings of GGOs in Clackamas recorded
>> on eBird. EBird does not disclose specific locations for this (and other)
>> sensitive species. Making it more complicated to determine GGO presence in
>> an area is their aloof behavior as opposed to aggressive territoriality…and
>> the fact that there is no central avian database beyond the wonderful but
>> haphazard reality of eBird and its voluntary user-base.
>> On this year’s Salem Christmas Bird Count I was teamed with two
>> biologists from the Salem office of the BLM. One was Corban Murphy who
>> himself has seen GGOs in Clackamas including a pair of immature birds in
>> early summer. Young GGOs are quite sedentary until their first autumn so
>> these two had to have been born near where they were seen. After that
>> sighting the private forest there was clear cut so the owls surviving would
>> have moved to some suitable forest/meadow complex nearby. Some of the
>> Clackamas sightings have been on private land. In all these GGOs are
>> living and breeding in and around trees farms, elevation 1000-1600 feet in
>> the Cascade foothills.
>> I have updated range maps, photo and further details on my blog:
>> (copy and paste link to see maps and entire blog with further links,
>> etc.)
>> Harry Fuller
>> author of: *San Francisco's Natural History: Sand Dunes to Streetcars:*
>> author of *Great Gray Owls of CA-OR-WA*:
>> author of *Freeway Birding*: *
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