Date: 12/24/18 7:15 am
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Great Gray Owl breeding territory nearest Portland--Clackamas County
I had a Great Gray Owl on a CBC at Silver Falls St Pk a few years ago.
Same area as the one found previously. Lots of great hiding areas in that

Bob Archer

On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 10:47 PM Tim Janzen <tjanzen...> wrote:

> Dear Harry,
> Thanks for posting this information. Great Gray Owls have been a code 5
> bird in Clackamas County previously. I have been aware of only one
> previous Clackamas County record. A bird was seen by a number of observers
> in the mid to late 1990s somewhere near Colton. I searched for the bird at
> the time, but didn’t see it. I don’t seem to have more precise details
> about that sighting in my records, but it was a winter record as I recall.
> If someone on OBOL recalls more details about that sighting, I would be
> interested in having that information for my records for Clackamas County.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Janzen
> Portland
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> *Subject:* [obol] Great Gray Owl breeding territory nearest
> Portland--Clackamas County
> There is now evidence that Great Gray Owls (hereafter “GGO”] are resident
> breeders in southeastern Clackamas County. That’s less than 35 miles from
> Powell’s Book Store in central Portland. The owls breeding there are at
> the northwestern edge of the GGO breeding range in Oregon as far as we now
> know. When Peter Thiemann and I published our book, *Great Gray Owls of
> California, Oregon and Washington [2015]*, we used the best available
> information to get our breeding range maps drawn. GGOs had been seen
> occasionally at Silver Falls State Park in Marion County and it formed an
> isolated island of likely breeding habitat on the Oregon range map. The
> last CBC record there was in 2013. Now we know that GGOs are currently
> living and breeding in the low foothills north of Silverton and Silver
> Falls SP. They are in an area east of Scotts Mills inside Clackamas
> County. There are four unspecific sightings of GGOs in Clackamas recorded
> on eBird. EBird does not disclose specific locations for this (and other)
> sensitive species. Making it more complicated to determine GGO presence in
> an area is their aloof behavior as opposed to aggressive territoriality…and
> the fact that there is no central avian database beyond the wonderful but
> haphazard reality of eBird and its voluntary user-base.
> On this year’s Salem Christmas Bird Count I was teamed with two biologists
> from the Salem office of the BLM. One was Corban Murphy who himself has
> seen GGOs in Clackamas including a pair of immature birds in early summer.
> Young GGOs are quite sedentary until their first autumn so these two had to
> have been born near where they were seen. After that sighting the private
> forest there was clear cut so the owls surviving would have moved to some
> suitable forest/meadow complex nearby. Some of the Clackamas sightings have
> been on private land. In all these GGOs are living and breeding in and
> around trees farms, elevation 1000-1600 feet in the Cascade foothills.
> I have updated range maps, photo and further details on my blog:
> (copy and paste link to see maps and entire blog with further links, etc.)
> Harry Fuller
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> author of *Great Gray Owls of CA-OR-WA*:
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