Date: 12/24/18 12:18 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: Great Gray Owl breeding territory nearest Portland--Clackamas County
Dear Bob,

No, that was a different sighting. The sighting you are thinking about is the one below. I happen to have saved this message in my e-mail files. There have been a number of reports over the years from the Silver Falls State Park area.



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Friday, 11/26/99

It's been a year since the wonderful Louisiana Waterthrush at Silver Falls

St. Pk. Somebody had to look, so I did. The weather was nicer than last

year. The creek is running at torrential force. I didn't find the bird...

At 3:40 this afternoon, I finally found the GREAT GRAY OWL which has been

seen in previous years on Silver Ridge Rd. at the west edge of the park. I

parked at a gated side road 2.5 mile down Silver Ridge Rd. from its junction

with Drift Creek Rd. I walked south about 75 yds to where a large puddle

covers half the road. I saw the bird perched on small D. Firs east of the

road, then hunting, then in the lower branches of several of the large old

D. Firs along the road. I didn't see it get anything.

On the way back toward Salem I saw the BURROWING OWL at a culvert along

117th Ave., south of Sunnyview Rd. (east of Salem).

I tried for the Barred Owl along Wilhoit Rd. in Clackamas county, but

couldn't pull off the hat trick.

Good birding,


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Hi Tim et al. I have a long (& fuzzy) memory as well. What i recall is that a GGOW was seen over several days along

an entrance road to Silver Falls State Park one long ago winter. This was around the same time (not necessarily the same year)

that an amazing Louisiana Waterthrush was seen in the vicinity. is that what you're talking about? As you, I have no

other OBOL memories for Clackamas County.

This would be in the OBOL archives BUT the Oregon Birding Association has migrated with a new format to and the old is 'gone'

There is not currently any link to the archives or any mention of OBOL at all. Perhaps that's coming?

Google searching for OBOL Archives, I find only recent posts on the ABA website and no archived posts at all.

Perhaps someone knows what's going on and where the OBOL archives are or will reemerge, if at all.

As to eBird, as has been stated, for this sensitive species there are no drop shaped 'points' so no specific information

about this owl is given, only general, fuzzy range areas.

Bob OBrien

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