Date: 12/23/18 10:03 pm
From: Mark Nikas <elepaio...>
Subject: [obol] Re: What a difference a day makes
Timothy, I think you make some valid points. Unfortunately I can't provide
answers to your question since I don't live in your area.

I did read Mike's blog post though and it seems most folks responding have
not. Mike was not saying the Marsh Wrens are gone, only that the weather
impacts rates of detection. Nice weather - more birds; crappy weather -
fewer seen. The Marsh Wrens in his patch have gone nowhere; rather there
can be large day to day fluctuations in what we detect.

Mark Nikas

On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 9:48 PM Timothy Steeves <timothydsteeves...>

> I am a bit dissapointed by Harvey's comment about "oh for crying out loud,
> the weather and on and on. It is all about where you live".
> I have seen and heard many Marsh wrens in the Portland area, but not for a
> couple of years.
> Rather than be repremanded for thinking I am not looking in the right
> area, why can't posters to OBOL be more helpful in offering explanations or
> suggestions as to where we may find the bird in question. Eg: why have
> they dissapeard at Smith and Bybee lakes? Is it global warming or some
> other factor?
> I think there are some very talented birders that post on OBOL, but
> sometimes it seems like it is an elite club that puts down others that are
> trying to learn from all the experts. I have learned a lot from all of
> you, but it would be nice to be patient with some of our novice questions
> that seem obvious to you all.
> Thoughts?
> Timothy Steeves
> On Dec 23, 2018 8:26 PM, "HARVEY W SCHUBOTHE" <ninerharv2...> wrote:
>> Oh, for crying out loud. It is all about where you live, the weather on
>> and on. We have two south coast CBCs and I don't expect you will find Marsh
>> Wrens missing or even low in number. Certainly not in my daily dog walks.
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>> *Subject:* [obol] Re: What a difference a day makes
>> I thought that I saw a marsh wren on Sauvie Island, just before the
>> blocked off road, a year ago.
>> Robert Rotberg
>> frequent visitor to Portland
>> On Dec 23, 2018, at 9:57 PM, Timothy Steeves <timothydsteeves...>
>> wrote:
>> Thanks for bringing up the question of "where have all the marsh wrens
>> gone", Mike. I have not seen or heard a marsh wren in a couple of years.
>> They were pretty common at Smith and Bybee lakes in Portland and really
>> miss them. I think they are my favorite wren for their beauty and for
>> their mechanical songs and calls.
>> Would like to hear from other birders where they might be found.
>> Timothy Steeves
>> On Dec 23, 2018 6:34 PM, "Mike Patterson" <celata...> wrote:
>>> While many of you were out doing the hard work of stalking Inconguent
>>> Egrets, I was trying to answer the question: Where have all the Marsh
>>> Wrens gone?
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