Date: 12/23/18 7:29 pm
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Subject: [obol] effect of weather
Mike’s point about the effect of weather on small birds is very true, especially in open country. We have now had some experience at Waite Ranch, which is partly sedge marsh, partly canary-grass edge (where most of the birds are in winter) and has a lot of small shrubs here and there.

On a mostly calm, dry and partly sunny day last week there were SEVENTEEN Swamp Sparrows, two Sedge Wrens, a heap of Marsh Wrens and over 20 Lincoln’s Sparrows. When the Dec. 22 group came three days later on a day with cold winds, essentially NONE of these birds were found except a couple of Marsh and a Lincoln’s or two. They have not gone anywhere. They will pop up on the next nice day. Otherwise they will be mice.

Alan Contreras
Eugene, Oregon

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