Date: 12/23/18 4:34 pm
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Eagle x 8
This afternoon at 2:30 I was on Marlow Rd. heading north when I saw two
adult eagles on a deer carcass in the large field to the left.   Another
bird nearby was an immature.  Then I saw more birds up ahead, two on the
ground and three in the big tree.  They were all immature eagles. 
Fortunately I had my binoculars with me.  There were no cars behind me
so I was able to stop and get really good looks at them.   Talk about an
adrenaline rush!  I know that in other parts of our state this number
would not be unusual but I never expected to see eight eagles in one
place. What a Christmas present!
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