Date: 12/23/18 1:12 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] eBird and THE Egret
My skepticism is still running high, but as Jeff Gilligan says, there are
at least 2 separate-year records for Attu.
There are 3 races (differences unknown to me) but the race Egretta
intermedia intermedia is the one found in Japan.
*But many hybrid Great/Intermediate are reported from Japan. *And, dwarf
birds of various species are rare but perhaps
no rarer than THE putative egret.
No records north of Hokkaido except Attu. See eBird map attached. I don't
know if it is accurate to compare THE
putative bird with African or the other race in terms of identification.
Also attached is an interesting eBird photo from India which lists Great,
Intermediate, and Little Egrets in this photo.
I guess the two similar birds are Little Egret, which leaves the
Intermediate as the smaller bird on the right.
Bob OBrien Carver OR

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